I feel the ache of Summer’s end
My soul, it blackens
My heart, it rends

The bright blue sky, so warm and true
Now a painful reminder
Of what we’re due

Goodbye, once again, to my windows all down
For soon, they’ll be frozen shut
For my drive around town

Goodbye to the sand, green grass and cottage days
And a most sorrowful adieu
To my mid-day margarita haze

Farewell to camping with friends, splashing with kids
Skinny-dipping in the moonlight
(Yes, I actually did!)

Humid air in my nostrils, skin glistening with sweat
My contempt for AC
Because I’m not done glistening yet

Life in the valley, surrounded by trees
Replaced with deep snow
And the winter’s deep freeze

Somehow, I’ll find a way to carry on through
The first frost, the first flake
The first blustery deluge

In the end, dearest Summer, you’ll come back to me
Either that, or I’m moving
To the Caribbean Sea


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